Bodhicariya School is located in the midst of sylvan settings, Maitree Nagar, Rajarhat, North 24 Parganas, (Mega City West Bengal, just 12 km. from Kolkata Airport and nine km. from the Baguiati V.I.P. Main Road. It has been designed to provide an ideal environment for a child's healthy growth and all-round development. Under able and experienced staff, the School will admit boys and girls, irrespective of caste and creed, for the academic session 2001-2002, from Class I-IX.


         Bodhicariya School finds its impetus from the joint venture of Chakma Rajguru Venerable Agravamsa Mahathero and Venerable Bimal Bhikkhu, whose relentless efforts and selfless dedication to the cause of Human Rights and compassionate social work have idolized them as devout Buddhist monks in the international arena. The duo, in association with some philanthropists and academic founded SHISHU KORUNA SANGHA, to provide quality education to the poor meritorious tribal children of North East India. Their noble effort turned the dream into reality, when in a quiet nook, uninterrupted by the din and bustle of the city, the Bodhicariya School opened with thirty children on 15th November 1990.


"BODHICARIYA" is a Pali word, whose literal meaning is culture "CARIYA" of wisdom "BODHI"

The school is pledged to impart modern education with special emphasis on moral studies, mingling the best of the East and West. It aims bringing up children in way that would lead them to happiness and self reliance. This effort is made by instilling in them a sense of loyalty, appreciation for their traditional culture and secular outlook. This, we believe will make them virtuous human beings.

         The schol motto and the emblem, is a message to the students to be a persistent seeker of true knowledge. The motto : "ATTA DIPA BHAVA" Be your own lamp (For Selp Enlightenment) is the last sermon of Lord Buddha. It raises the moral spirit of the students to wade through the vast ocean of learning.



Chittagong Hill Tracts
The Right to Trade
British Administration
Constitutional Recgnition of the CHT (1947)
Social structure
Family life
Houses and Village
Chakma Songs
Culture and Customs
The Identity of the Indigenous peoples of CHT
Religion and Festival
Dance and Music
Language and Script
Forestry and Environment
Social Change
Social Institution
Social Relationships
Spiritual beliefs
Traditional Skills


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The students of Bodhicariya
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         Classes I-V will be held from 7-30 a.m. to 11-30 a.m. and Classes VI-X will be held from 12-00 a.m. academic session, Weekly Tests / Terminal Examination will be held at a regular interval to examine the child's progress in study and judge it's fitness for promotion to the next class.

Separate hostel accomodation for boys and girls is available for the tribal students from remote areas.

         Children learn and acquire good habits and conduct through persistent instructions under watchful care and from examples of the eldersat home and at school. General Social environment also has a strong influence upon a child's mental growth. While in school we always, encourage to respect discipline and take required corrective measures whenever necessary, necessity for exercising due care at home should not be lost sight of cases of habitual delinquency will be reported to the Parents / Guardians. Expulsion of an incorrigible child in an extreme case will be resorted to under compelling conditions only. Parents / Guardians are requested to take a note of this and co-operate with the School in this matter. Losses if any caused to the school by pupils will have to be made good by Parents / Guardians.

         Detail specification of school uniform will be available in the school office. Parents / Guardians are requested to contact school office in this regard. The children are expected to come to school daily in clean, pressed uniform and polished shoes. Those not complying will be sent back home.


         The school has a wide range of extra-curricular activities aimed at providing a broad based education to the students. It is mandatory for the pupils to participate in at least one item of their own choice. Good performance in the items adds to the merit of the children. The various extra-curricular activities held in the school are SPORTS, ONE ACT PLAYS, ELOCUTION, SINGING, QUIZ and DEBATE. The school students have won the first prize for Parade, organized by the Home Department, Govt. of West Bengal at the Brigade Parade Ground, on the Republic Day, for three consecutive years.

         The Bodhicariya School has produced many succesful students taught by well experienced teaching staff. So far three batches have appeared in the Secondary School Examination, performance have been improving every year and the last years result was very encouraging.

         A spacious meditation and Yoga Centre inaugurated by Ex-Governor of West Bengal, Hon'ble Chief Justice Shri Shymal Kumar Sen, has been set up for the spiritual and physical upliftment of the students. This meditation centre run by devoted and experienced teachers, also imparts moral lessons for development of disciplined and healthy mind.


  1. The School has a huge playground for the children.
  2. A well equipped and well maintained LIBRARY in the School provides the children an access to a world of information to widen their faculty of knowledge.
  3. A children's park is an attraction for the children of the junior classes, where they can enjoy total freedom, away from the constraints of the classroom.
  4. The School set amidst an idyllic setting, provides a POLLUTION - FREE, GREEN ENVIRONMENT.
  5. Computer classes held at regular intervals, help the students to enter the world of new technology to develop their ability to conceive plan and execute.


  1. The school looks forward to an upgradation upto the XIIth standard, in all the three main streams-Arts, Science and Commerce.
  2. Government recognized computer courses at secondary and higher secondary lavel among with a special section of IMFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (I.T) be started very soon under experienced teacher.
  3. Provisions will soon be made for special CRICKET and FOOTBALL COACHING, by trained coaches in the respective sports.
  4. Special classes in PERFORMING ARTS, MUSIC and DANCE will be arranged to sharpen the talents of the students and to develop in them an appreciation of their own culture.
  5. Drawing classes under the supervision of trained ART teacher will be provided.
  6. Vocational training will be given to suitable students to help them develop specialized knowledge in various spheres whereby, they can construct their future career, thus making them SELF RELIANT.